2001 Sloan, Proprietary Red, Rutherford, Bottle (750ml) RP99
2007 Sloan, Proprietary Red, Rutherford [Slightly Stained Label], Bottle (750ml) RP100
2007 Sloan, Proprietary Red, Rutherford, Bottle (750ml) RP100
2002 Sloan, Proprietary Red, Rutherford, Case of 3 Btls RP100
2001 Sloan, Proprietary Red, Rutherford, Case of 6 btls RP99

Sloan Estate: Extraordinary Wines On Rutherford's Hillside Haven

Perched atop Rutherford's hills near Lake Hennessey, Sloan Estate has become a cult-like superstar since its debut in 2000. Sloan has rapidly ascended the ranks, solidifying its place among the most illustrious producers in Napa Valley. Founded by the visionary Stuart Sloan, whose unwavering dedication to crafting world-class wines has set the stage for greatness. Leading the charge is head winemaker, Martha McClellan, alongside two stalwarts: vineyard manager David Abreu and consultant Michel Rolland. This formidable trio produces limited quantities of exceptional wines, described as "often flirting with perfection" by Robert Parker. Sloan is widely regarded as one of Rutherford's finest producers.

Trio Behind The Triumph

In 1998, Stuart Sloan, a Seattle-based business magnate and philanthropist, set out on a mission: to fashion the finest wines imaginable. He wasted no time in assembling a stellar team. Renowned viticulturist David Abreu was his first recruit, overseeing the planting of the 13-acre vineyard on the Rutherford hillside estate. Before Martha McClellan, Mark Aubert briefly held the position of head winemaker for the 2000 vintage. Today, united with Martha McClellan is the brilliant Michel Rolland, whose hand guides the final blend for each vintage. Together, this winemaking juggernaut helps produce Sloan’s critically acclaimed wines.

Preserving The Legacy

In 2011, Hong Kong businessman Sutong Pan acquired the estate for a record-setting $40 million. Infatuated with the estate's charms, Sutong extended an offer to Stuart Sloan that was simply too enticing to decline. While many new proprietors may opt to disrupt the status quo, Sutong took a different path. He kept the winemaking team intact, nurturing their efforts to consistently yield wines that captivate the senses. After all, why break up a good thing?

The Hillside Vineyard

Perched high above the valley floor, Sloan's vineyard blankets the picturesque slopes of Rutherford, spanning 13 acres, resting between 875 and 1000 feet in elevation. The soil, a mix of volcanic rocks, clay, and limestone, allows the vines to thrive in this cool hillside setting. The vigilant eye of David Abreu and his dedicated team continues to shepherd this prestigious parcel, ensuring its continued vibrancy.

From Vision to Vineyard

Sloan is a cult icon amidst the splendor of Napa Valley's vineyards, representing the pinnacle of what is attainable when no expense is spared. With an all-star team at the helm, they push the boundaries of what's achievable within their revered hillside terroir. Acquiring Sloan wine can be a challenge, as their annual production is limited to around 600 cases, primarily sold to longstanding mailing list members. However, we've curated a collection of Sloan vintages, offered at some of the most enviable prices worldwide! Add this exceptional wine to your cellar today!

Written by: Craig Headding

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