2017 Coche-Dury, Bourgogne, Chardonnay, Bottle (750ml)
2019 Coche-Dury, Bourgogne, Chardonnay, Bottle (750ml)
2011 Domaine J-F Coche-Dury, Puligny-Montrachet, Les Enseigneres, Bottle (750ml)
2015 Domaine J-F Coche-Dury, Puligny-Montrachet, Les Enseigneres, Bottle (750ml)
2006 Domaine J-F Coche-Dury, Meursault, Les Rougeots, Bottle (750ml)
2009 Domaine Coche-Dury, Meursault Premier Cru, Les Caillerets, Bottle (750ml) RP95
2009 Domaine J-F Coche-Dury, Meursault, Les Chevalieres, Bottle (750ml)

Domaine Coche-Dury: A Beacon Of Excellence In Burgundy's Heart

A Journey Into The Beauty, Tradition, And Legacy Of Coche-Dury's Wines

In the heart of Burgundy, amidst a village consisting of superlative winemakers such as Dominique Lafon, Jean-Marc Roulot, Arnaud Ente, and many others, one name reigns supreme – Domaine Coche-Dury. This legendary estate, located in Meursault, Burgundy, is a beacon of excellence, particularly renowned for crafting highly collectible Chardonnay. While the estate's reputation is built on its white wines, its Pinot Noir offerings are nothing short of remarkable. Let’s delve into the world of Coche-Dury, exploring its history, winemaking philosophy, and the coveted wines that have made it an icon.

Legendary For Generations

The story of Domaine Coche-Dury began in 1973 when the enigmatic Jean-François Coche joined his father, Georges, in the family vineyards at the young age of fourteen. The third generation Coche married Odile Dury in 1975, expanding the family holdings and together creating the Domaine Coche-Dury. Jean-François is a figure of modesty and rigor, often shying away from the celebrity status his wines have earned. When asked about the secret to his wines' success, he attributes it to old-school tradition, constant vigilance, and an unwavering commitment to meticulous winemaking.

Jean-François' work style is almost hermit-like, reminiscent of the farmer-monks who once nurtured this part of Burgundy during the Middle Ages. He is known to prioritize his time in the vineyards, even when some of his most important clients request meetings. "Only in the evening when I come back from the vines," is his customary reply.

Today, Jean-François' son, Raphael and his wife Charline carry the torch and continue the family’s fine wine legacy.

From The Vineyard To The Bottle

Coche-Dury's vineyards extend beyond Meursault to Puligny-Montrachet, Auxey-Duresses, Monthelie, Volnay, and the esteemed Corton Grand Cru vineyard. Approximately half of their holdings grace the Meursault terroir, with their Bourgogne parcels surrounding the family home and winery. Though they are known for their exquisite Chardonnay, Coche additionally makes a small amount of beautiful Pinot Noir without the use of any clones in the vineyards. This is a rarity in Burgundy, due to the challenges presented by the region's climate. Yet another testament to Domaine Coche-Dury's pure craftsmanship.

Once the grapes are in the cellar, traditional, lengthy vinification processes commence, with extended lees contact to prevent oxidation. New oak plays a role not in altering the wine's flavor but in preserving the wine's aging potential. Coche firmly believes that Burgundy's white wines should exude vibrancy, with acidity being the key. The Domaine’s wines are never the ripest or highest in alcohol but are celebrated for their predictability and exceptional aging potential. 

The Wines

Coche-Dury is celebrated for producing a limited quantity of highly sought-after wines, with approximately nine hectares (22 acres) of vineyard holdings. Their only Grand Cru wine is the Corton-Charlemagne, but several other wines hold a special place in the hearts of wine connoisseurs.

Corton-Charlemagne: A Grand Cru masterpiece, this wine is deep and complex, with layers of ripe fruit, minerality, and a hint of spice.

Meursault Les Perrières: A premier cru Meursault known for its balance of minerality, acidity, and creamy texture, with notes of citrus, orchard fruits, and hazelnut.

Meursault Les Charmes: Another premier cru gem from Meursault, famous for its elegance and finesse, offering white flower, stone fruit, and a hint of toasted brioche.

Meursault: The village-level Meursault wine from Coche-Dury, which is highly sought after for its purity, precision, and aging potential.

Legacy To Be Continued

Domaine Coche-Dury represents the purest essence of winemaking, where tradition, dedication, and a profound connection to the land create some of the world's most coveted wines. Whether it's their remarkable Corton-Charlemagne or the sought-after Meursault cuvées, each bottle from this iconic estate is a glimpse into the rich history and winemaking mastery that is Coche-Dury. As the next generation of Coche, Raphael and Charline, continue the legacy, the future of this storied Domaine remains as bright as its celebrated past.

Written by: Arabella Maislinger

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