2018 Promontory, Napa Valley, Bottle (750ml) VM100/LP100/JS100
2018 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls VM100/LP100/JS100
2018 Promontory, Penultimate, Napa Valley, Bottle (750ml) NR
2018 Promontory, Penultimate Assortment Case, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls NR
2019 Promontory, Napa Valley, Magnum (1.5L), OWC LP100/JD100
2019 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls LP100/JD100
2016 Promontory, Penultimate Assortment Case, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls AG94
2016 Promontory, Napa Valley, Magnum (1.5L), OWC RP100/JD100/JS100
2016 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls RP100/JD100/JS100
2016 Promontory, Napa Valley, Bottle (750ml) RP100/JD100/JS100
2015 Promontory, Napa Valley, OWC, Magnum (1.5L) JS99/RP98
2015 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls JS99/RP98
2014 Promontory, Napa Valley, Magnum (1.5L) AG100/RP99
2014 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls AG100/RP99
2013 Promontory, Napa Valley, Case of 3 Btls RP99
2012 Promontory, Napa Valley, Magnum (1.5L) JS100
2012 Promontory, Napa Valley, Bottle (750ml) JS100

Promontory Wine Collection

An Introduction To The Harlan Brand You Do Not Want To Miss

In the world of fine wines, few names carry as much weight as Bill Harlan. His legacy is etched into the history of Napa Valley and his name synonymous with legendary winemaking. Harlan's latest creation, the Promontory, is a testament to his enduring passion for the craftsmanship. The story of Promontory is a tale of discovery, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. To further understand the allure behind the Promontory, we first need to delve deeper into the story behind Harlan's Promontory estate located in the impressive Oakville Mountains.

The Mystique of the Oakville Mountains

The journey begins in the early 1980s when Bill Harlan embarked on a hiking adventure along Oakville's southwestern ridge. It was during this expedition that he stumbled upon a hidden territory, a land that moved him deeply. This untamed, ancient expanse remained an enigma and a source of fascination for Bill.

The true magic, however, would unfold decades later. In 2008, the Harlan family succeeded in capturing this wild terrain, marking the dawn of a new era. The second generation of the Harlan family stepped in to explore and work with this land, leading to remarkable discoveries.

The land stretches across 500 feet of elevation, offering a multitude of dramatic slopes and panoramic exposures. At the heart of this territory, they uncovered a powerful geological convergence that had sculpted the landscape over the past years. This convergence had given rise to the rugged topography that defined the region, creating the ideal conditions for a truly unique wine-growing environment. The previously overlooked landscape now showed incredible potential for creating the finest of wines.

Promontory Penultimate – A Wine That Reflects Its Terroir

Promontory is a world apart from the common Napa Valley experience and its little sibling, the Penultimate, shares the same qualities that never fail to amaze.

Less than ten percent of the land is dedicated to vineyards, seamlessly blending into the untamed wilderness of forests and woodlands. The morning fog, coupled with the cooler air from the rock-studded western exposure, fills the narrow canyon daily, creating a microclimate that is ideal for winemaking.

Incredible diversity of geology, spanning volcanic, sedimentary, and metamorphic soils work together to create a vinous experience you do not want to miss.

Promontory Penultimate is a wine that mirrors the land's power and mystery, an ode to the enigmatic territory that inspired it. The 2016 vintage is a beautiful bottle to enjoy now or to store away, letting its potential unfold even further.

Becoming Part Of The Narrative

In each bottle of Promontory, you'll find a piece of Napa Valley's untamed beauty, a reflection of Bill Harlan's relentless spirit, and a glimpse into the captivating narrative of a previously hidden gem. This is a wine that beckons you to explore the unknown, savoring each sip and becoming part of a chapter in an extraordinary story.

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