2005 Chateau Rauzan-Segla, Margaux, Bottle (750ml) LP97/AG97

Chateau Rauzan-Segla: Classic Bordeaux, Exceptional Value

This is Classic Margaux

“This terroir produces a wine of elegance and complexity as opposed to pure power and richness. This is classic Margaux” ~Jeb Dunnuck

Chateau Rauzan-Segla, a name synonymous with Bordeaux's finest estates, boasts deep-rooted connections with renowned Chateaux like Margaux, Latour, Pichon Baron, and Pichon Lalande. Today, it shines as a beacon of exceptional value within Bordeaux and represents the quintessential expression of Margaux's classic charm. Jeb Dunnuck confidently ranks this estate "among the top producers in the Médoc." A quality renaissance has swept through Rauzan-Segla, thanks to its devoted proprietors, who happen to helm the iconic luxury brand, Chanel. With their unwavering commitment, they've not only elevated wine quality but also the estate's reputation, entering it into the "super seconds" discussion. There's no better time than now to embrace this classic Bordeaux in your collection.

The Chanel Connection

The recent quality revolution at Chateau Rauzan-Segla traces its roots back to 1994 when the estate was acquired by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, the visionary minds behind Chanel. After missing out on Chateau Latour, the Wertheimer brothers turned their attention to Rauzan-Segla. Just two years later, they added St-Emilion's Chateau Canon to their portfolio. Today, under their unwavering commitment and a "no expense spared" approach, both Chateaux stand at the pinnacle of their game.

Heritage Restored

Upon acquiring the Margaux estate, Alain and Gerard's first order of business was to restore its original name from "Rausan-Segla" to "Rauzan-Segla." The estate's historical identity had been altered during the 20th century, but the Chanel brothers, renowned for their branding prowess, swiftly reinstated its heritage. Their next step, in 1996, was an extensive renovation of the Chateau. This overhaul included a complete makeover of the vat room, where larger tanks were replaced with smaller ones, allowing for more precise, parcel-by-parcel vinification. Simultaneously, they initiated the reconstitution of the vineyards, reintroducing lost parcels of Petit Verdot.

With the Wertheimer brothers of Chanel at the helm, Chateau Rauzan-Segla has reached new heights. Their collective efforts have left an indelible mark on the estate's wines, steadily increasing the quality since their acquisition. In addition to facility renovations and vineyard improvements, the Chateau adopted a more organic approach in 2012, utilizing horses for vineyard cultivation.

A Vast Canvas

This vast 183-acre vineyard features gravelly and clay soils, housing vines with an average age of 35 years. With two sections stretching across the Cantenac plateau and in close proximity to Margaux village, the vineyard has been 100% organically farmed since 2019 and achieved official organic certification in 2023. The vines are predominantly composed of 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 1% Cabernet Franc, and 1% Petit Verdot.

First Growth Leadership

For nearly two decades, John Kolasa, recruited from Chateau Latour, served as the technical director of both Chateau Rauzan-Segla and Chateau Canon. With a 40-year tenure in Bordeaux and deep connections to the region's finest estates, Kolasa played a pivotal role in Rauzan-Segla's ascent. In 2015, he passed the reins to Nicolas Audebert, who arrived at the estate in 2014 to initiate the transition. Today, Audebert adeptly guides Rauzan-Segla and Canon, overseeing two estates operating at peak performance.

Something for Every Enthusiast

After appraising 25 vintages under Chanel's ownership, Jeb Dunnuck aptly declared, "Unquestionably this team is firing on all cylinders." This sentiment is echoed by esteemed critics who consistently bestow 95+ scores upon Chateau Rauzan-Segla. While the estate's quality has been on a steady incline, its prices have remained refreshingly modest compared to its Bordeaux counterparts. Here, you'll discover wines that encapsulate the pure and classic essence of Margaux, characterized by elegance and complexity, all at an irresistibly attractive price point. Whether you're a seasoned collector or an aspiring connoisseur, Chateau Rauzan-Segla is a must-have addition to your collection. It's a timeless indulgence—one that lets you savor the essence of a classic Margaux without the hesitations that accompany four-figure bottles. For those aspiring collectors, it presents an opportunity to acquire an age-worthy Bordeaux gem at a nominal price. No matter your wine journey's stage, Chateau Rauzan-Segla stands as a treasured addition to any cellar.

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