Sine Qua Non -SQN- Incognito 2000 750mL


2000 Sine Qua Non - Hedonist's Gazette - July 2010: All of these wines showed exquisitely, but perhaps the biggest surprise was the absolutely magnificent 2000 Incognito from Sine Qua Non. I have always believed this to be the greatest Grenache ever made in the New World, and it remains to be seen if what Manfred Krankl has done in recent vintages will equal the complexity and richness achieved by this cuve. At age 10, it is still a young wine, but it didnt miss a beat when thrown in with all these old vine classics from Chteauneuf du Pape. Copious lavender, kirsch, raspberry, and darker fruit characteristics are found in this sumptuous, full-bodied, perfect wine. To repeat myself, this is a great Grenache
Sine Qua Non, Incognito, California

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