Le Gay, Pomerol 2000 750mL

"This has a fairly hedonistic profile, with a noticeable warm tar and pain d'épices layer coursing underneath black Mission fig jam, eau-de-vie–soaked plum and raspberry pâte de fruit notes. There's a thread of charcoal for spine that lends a lightly rustic edge but also keeps the roasted fruit flavors honest.—Blind 2000 Bordeaux retrospective" JM for WS Jun 2016
Chateau Le Gay, Pomerol
"Le Gay was sold in 2002 to Catherine Pere-Verge, who has hired Michel Rolland. Rolland believes that Le Gay can become one of the great Pomerols of the appellation given its terroir and history of extraordinary wines in the late forties." RP Apr 2003

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