Sine Qua Non -SQN- Mr K Iceman 2006 375mL


RP 96 "Krankl sighed when he announced the 2003 Mr. K The Iceman, which was sourced from the Babcock Vineyard, will be the last example since the vineyard is being replanted. With 11.1% alcohol, 236 grams of residual sugar per liter, and 7.62 grams of total acidity per liter, this wine shows a kinky, honeyed intensity with notes of caramelized lychees, honeysuckle, cloves, and peaches. Extremely full-bodied, with unbelievable sweetness as well as fabulous balance, it goes on and on. Like all of these Mr. K sweeties, it’s a meal in itself. (RP)" (June 2005)

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