2005 Joseph Roty, Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, Tres Vieilles Vignes, Bottle (750ml)

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2005 Roty - Wine Advocate # 170 April 2007: David Schildknecht writes, From vines said to have been planted in the 1880s, the Roty 2005 Charmes Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes announces its distinction a foot away from the glass, with uncanny intensity and clarity of black fruit essences, along with ineffable mineral and animal suggestions. Tactile cinnamon spiciness, bitter-sweet herbs, and black cherry and black raspberry concentrate (fresh, yet with liqueur-like intensity, sweetness and viscosity) saturate the palate, and a dark and rising tide of mineral and carnal flavors meets the fruit and spice in a thunderous finish. There is mystery aplenty here, with the sex appeal well beneath the surface. Philippe Roty and his brother have matters well in hand and are on their way to bottling (as always here, unfiltered) a superb collection of 2005s. That said, this wont even begin happening until late Spring and some wines may not be bottled until years end. (Wines followed above by the initials P.R. are from Philippes vines and will be labeled with his name.) Prolonged skin contact and gentle but relentless extraction are the practice here, and in 2005 that has made for Pinots of almost shockingly deep color, abundant and firm but fine tannins, and terrific overall intensity.
Joseph Roty, Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, Tres Vieilles Vignes

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